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Inspiration Syndication is a free service sponsored by the
World Success Club.

What is Inspiration Syndication?

ANSWER: Inspiration Syndication is a free search engine that gives you a new positive and inspiring quote everytime you perform a search.

How does it work?

ANSWER: First set as your homepage, then every time you open your browser, perform a search or refresh the page you will be blasted with a new inspirational quote.

Here are the 4 unique and inspiring services we offer.

  1. A new kind of homepage. Now each and every time you open your browser, refresh it or perform a search you get hit with a fresh blast of inspirational quotes from famous thinkers, philosophers and millionaires. This allows you to make the most of your day, your life, and accomplish your goals and dreams. This free service is operational 24/7, 365 days a year with new quotes being added constantly.

  2. Now you can put our daily quotes on your website, this valuable service is also currently being offered totally free, and with your support we hope to keep it that way. This helps to build customer loyalty, improve your readership, and generate repeat traffic while establishing rapport with your prospects. If you enjoy using our quotes be sure to tell you customers about the interesting "almost advertising free" experience they can have while performing searches with the worlds most popular search engine, Google.

  3. Suggest a quote. We are always looking for new inspiring and thought provoking quotes to share with our visitors and affiliates worldwide. You are invited to share a quote that has inspired you and let others be inspired too. If you believe you have a quote that can impact others submit your suggestion. Getting your quote published will allow you to gain traffic and visibility with the users throughout our network.

  4. Our latest addition: Mobile Quotes to Go™. Now anytime you're bored or standing in line just open up and get the refreshing wisdom of great thinkers at your finger tips. All quick and easy to read from your cell phone!